Jenna Greenwell is the pastor of worship, prayer and formation at the Vineyard Church in Billings, Montana and also has a online spiritual direction practice that serves clients around the world. She loves seeing people reach past the boundary of knowing about God into the place of knowing God and being deeply known (and loved) by him.

Jenna is originally from Northern Colorado, though she lived in New York City during her college years and spent some time in Southern California after getting married. Her husband, Adam, was in the Marine Corps before being called into ministry, and as their lives shifted to accommodate this calling, they accidentally met the Vineyard movement and felt like they had found their tribe. Together, they spent five years at the Springs Vineyard church in Colorado Springs, Colorado before moving to Billings in 2013 to be part of the team at the Billings Vineyard. 

Jenna never intended to lead worship, but found herself filling in when her churches were between worship pastors. Slowly, it became clear that worship was part of her purpose. This led to a transforming season of mentoring, personal spiritual direction and counseling. She fell in love with the spiritual formation process, which led her to enroll in the Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction to become a director herself.  The better part of 2016-2018 was spent in this training. 

Aside from professional achievements (which seem to have a disordered worth in our culture), Jenna has given much time and effort (and gained much joy) in shepherding a family. Adam and Jenna have three daughters and enjoy helping them grow into the people they are created to be, all the while fully understanding that the girls are making them grow in far greater ways. All five Greenwells love Montana and the beauty they get to explore each day as a family. 

Jenna is a big fan sunsets, banjos, and sarcasm.