"This might sound weird, but…”

On Sunday, a friend of mine was praying for me and said “This might sound weird, but God is asking me to speak the words of the song ___________ over you.” And she did. 

This song is a random, older country song and not a song that is common to bring to a prayer setting (or church setting, for that matter). 

However, this song played a significant role in my story and wounded me as a young woman. Every time I’ve heard it since, a twinge of pain and a feeling of failure had an open door. My friend had no way of knowing this; it is a memory I have guarded. 

As she spoke the words, they found new meaning. A deep part of my soul that I had considered dead shifted and began to move. God proved to me (once again) that He has been with me through it all, and He has good plans. I am still is awe that He would gently bring healing in such a specific way. 

I say “This might sound weird, but…” all the time when I pray for people. The Holy Spirit can bring some pretty crazy things to mind, and I have learned to trust and at least take a few steps down the rabbit trail. Sometimes, it is just weird and doesn’t land at all (and by sometimes, I mean often). And sometimes, bondage is broken and lives are changed. For that, I’m willing to step into the weird-ness. 

I am so thankful to have a friend who was willing to sound weird, and for a Healer who knew that it wouldn’t be weird at all.

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