The Easter Bunny

Today in the check out line at Costco, one of the cashiers asked our eldest if she was excited for the Easter Bunny to bring her an Easter basket. She replied "The Easter Bunny isn't real, so I don't know how he will bring a basket. Easter is all about Jesus." 
We don't have any huge issues with the Easter Bunny and I have no idea where my daughter learned about his lack of existence  What I do know is that Easter is about Jesus, and our girls seem to be much more interested in the story of His death and Resurrection than any rabbit that hides eggs. And that is the way it should be; the life and death and new life of Jesus is so exciting and powerful; it should be celebrated!
So, I pray that we have a glorious day this Sunday finding eggs and eating chocolate bunnies, but that the emphasis of the day is put in the Glory of God and the HUGE sacrifice He made in order to save us.
He is Risen. He is Risen Indeed.
"Mom...Jesus carried a log on His back up a tall mountain and when He got to the top, He died. Then, He LIVED AGAIN!" -my littlest (emphasis hers). Amen.

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