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Six weeks ago we had a storm. 

It thrashed our trees; I knew the fall colors would suffer this year, and I was disappointed. Changing trees bring me such joy. 

Yesterday morning, God drew my attention to our young maple…

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Letting Go

A wild river flows through my town. Long ago, she cut the cliffs I am standing upon.

She flows fast and hard in the spring and early summer, pushing her margins. Yet, she somehow knows to slow down and give…

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September 11th: 18 from 18.


Today, shortly after I got the girls home from school, Ava told me that September 11th always makes her teary. When I asked her to tell me more, she said "...because this day makes me realize I came close to…

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The Sweet Spot

In high school, I was on the track team. I was a decent athlete and was competitive in most of the events one might find at a track meet. That said, the 400 meter dash was my sweet spot. If…

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Patience and Progress

I recently had a client voice frustration with the pace of their spiritual transformation. They came to spiritual direction hoping to get help with a specific issue, and God has taken them on a series of long walks down other…

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"This might sound weird, but…”

On Sunday, a friend of mine was praying for me and said “This might sound weird, but God is asking me to speak the words of the song ___________ over you.” And she did. 

This song is a random, older…

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    Nobody sees a flower---really---it is so small it takes time---we haven't time---and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.  -Georgia O'Keeffe


My husband had to travel this year over Valentine's Day. It wasn't…

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Cloudy Days

Montana is cloudy today. I don't think I could ever live somewhere that had clouds all of the time, but I can certainly appreciate a day here and there. It seems to quiet everything down. Provoke thought. Bring calmness and…Read more


I read a newsletter today from a singer/songwriter I played with once in my early 20s. I have been on her email list since 2003, and I watched her grow over the past decade into one of the better independent…Read more

The Easter Bunny

Today in the check out line at Costco, one of the cashiers asked our eldest if she was excited for the Easter Bunny to bring her an Easter basket. She replied "The Easter Bunny isn't real, so I don't know…