How to Heal

Each year end, Google shares with the world what people searched for in the previous year. For 2021, one prevalent search theme was “how to heal.”

Damn. I can’t shake those keywords from my brain. 

I don’t know, formulaic-ally, how…

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Green or Brown?

I know toes are weird, but stick with me... 

Just before spring each year, Montana is just, well, brown. Dirty, dusty, kind-of-cranky brown. Green has to force it's way into the picture. 

This year, it feels especially so. Like creation…

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Beauty in the Terrible


I bought this little sign in January. I am not really a quote-on-the-wall kinda gal, but at the time it spoke to me and I brought it home. It sat in a bag on the floor for awhile. Now, it…

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Six weeks ago we had a storm. 

It thrashed our trees; I knew the fall colors would suffer this year, and I was disappointed. Changing trees bring me such joy. 

Yesterday morning, God drew my attention to our young maple…

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Letting Go

A wild river flows through my town. Long ago, she cut the cliffs I am standing upon.

She flows fast and hard in the spring and early summer, pushing her margins. Yet, she somehow knows to slow down and give…

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September 11th: 18 from 18.


Today, shortly after I got the girls home from school, Ava told me that September 11th always makes her teary. When I asked her to tell me more, she said "...because this day makes me realize I came close to…

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The Sweet Spot

In high school, I was on the track team. I was a decent athlete and was competitive in most of the events one might find at a track meet. That said, the 400 meter dash was my sweet spot. If…

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Patience and Progress

I recently had a client voice frustration with the pace of their spiritual transformation. They came to spiritual direction hoping to get help with a specific issue, and God has taken them on a series of long walks down other…

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"This might sound weird, but…”

On Sunday, a friend of mine was praying for me and said “This might sound weird, but God is asking me to speak the words of the song ___________ over you.” And she did. 

This song is a random, older…

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    Nobody sees a flower---really---it is so small it takes time---we haven't time---and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.  -Georgia O'Keeffe


My husband had to travel this year over Valentine's Day. It wasn't…

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